Elizabeth Fletcher - Tami Tripp recently referred me to you. I’ve browsed your website and like your eye.

I’m interested in a photo shoot for my daughter’s three year pictures plus some nursing photos of us before she weans and a maybe few family pictures. I’ll want to do the nursing shots somewhere that’s private enough that I won’t feel self-conscious. Not sure whether you work out of a studio or if our home would be best for that. If the weather cooperates, I’d also love to have most of the shots near the river. Gold Medal Park and the Stone Arch are my daughter’s favorite stomping grounds at this moment in her life, and I hope to capture that.

Please let me know if you have any availability. Thanks!

jen - hi there! i just got your message and voicemail … i’ll call you this morning!

Ashleigh Banks - Hi!

Looking to hire a photographer for the home birth of our son -Due 12/6. Absolutely love your work! We live in SW Mpls. Do you have availabitity?


jen - i do! i’ve sent you a few emails … have you seen them? hoping they aren’t getting lost! please call me at 763.245.7173 and we can chat!

Amy Sanchez - Hi Jennifer,
I’m interested in more information about your Maternity, birth and newborn packages. I’m due October 16th, which is a long time from now, but I know that you probably book quickly. Is there any information you can send me. I saw the prices on your website for holding the sessions. Wondering if that includes any images or is that all additional. Any information you can send me would be great.

Kate - Hello!

I am due in November with my second child, and am interested in learning a bit more about your birth photography. What exactly is included and how the process works. And of course, if you have availability.

Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you!

jen - just sent you an email response!

Sarah lundquist - Hi I was just curious on your pricing for maternity photos. looking forward to hearing from you thank you!

jen - i’ll send you an email asap!

Jana Lundstedt - Hi Jen,
I’m Jana Lundstedt, I think we know each other through photographer groups, Facebook and friends, like Amanda Norell :). I am due with our 5th child on July 23rd and would love to have you photograph the birth of our little boy. Would you be available during that time? I would love to hear from you!
Thank you so, so much!

jen - hi there! i’ll send you a message soon! i would definitely be available for you!
sending so many congratulations!

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