{lachlan} … minneapolis newborn photography


this sweet baby boy was the perfect little sleeper during our session … his mama was one of my pregnancy progression participants AND a high school friend of mine!

it was so amazing watching her go from the teeniest little bump to a darling baby boy.  watching his big sisters find out news of a soon-to-be brother and hearing about the weekly joys and tiredness that follows a baby growing inside you.

i cannot wait to share the pregnancy progression photos!  keep your eye out for them!

here’s a short video of lachlan’s newborn session!




quickly. :: minneapolis birth photography ::

i got the call … left immediately … drove to the hospital as quickly as i could … ran past the information desk staff (i apologized later) … and came into the room with this view.

001halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

yes.  i totally cried about it later that day.  and then proceeded to get called to another birth just a few hours later.  busy busy day.

006halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

and i still feel oodles of guilt over missing it.

but here’s the thing.

011halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

this is his story.

017halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
023halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
030halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
035halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

his story was quick and fast and filled with love from his mom and dad that had so patiently waited to meet this little guy …

051halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
057halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
062halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
073halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

his two older sisters had prepared them for a life of pink and purple and princesses … and now this.  this sweet sweet boy completely stole their hearts.

087halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
089halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
090halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
093halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

and i watched as mama fell in love with her son … she was completely smitten.

099halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
115halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

127halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
129halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
139halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
144halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

and daddy gained a new best friend.

153halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT
164halversonlowresolution DONOTPRINT

the story is always beautiful.


charlie {through the year} … minneapolis newborn and child photography

18 highresolution


awe.  it’s crazy to think that this little guy is coming into the studio tomorrow morning for his one year photographs.  ONE YEAR.

it seems like this was just him.

and i decided to run through his sessions over the last year … so i brought you all along with me.


(i’m so looking forward to capturing him again tomorrow and adding to this slideshow!)



katherine. {a birth story} minneapolis birth photographer


this sweet family welcomed their second child … a daughter … in early december.

in a birth like no other …

they live super close to me … and so i was called in as official babysitter, taking over for the doula who needed to get to the hospital fast … because mom and dad had gone running out the door in full-out labor.

also note?

(i had just gotten home from another birth on the other side of town!)

in fact.  their car sat running in the front entry way while she delivered.  which happened approximately 3 minutes after i ran in the door.

you might notice the sheer lack of laboring photos in this birth.  :)

her strength was amazing.

their love was truly evident.

this sweet little girl is so loved.

mom shared her birth story here … http://bloomablog.com/birth-story-hypnobabies/





beautiful belly … {california beach version} … minneapolis maternity photography

so … i have this amazing friend … who just so happens to be another birth and baby photographer …

did i mention she’s gorgeous?

so … we were chatting … and i mentioned how i was cold (minnesota. winter.  enough said.) … and that i really really wanted to go to a beach and take photos … and then she mentioned that she was from san diego and that she had always wanted beach maternity photos.

obviously … we had to.  no question.

so we did.

and we kinda got stuck there for a week … A WEEK OF PURE BLISS.

because one.  it was warm.  two.  there were beaches.  three. late night chats as we laid in bed in the darkness.  four.  her mom brought me coffee while i lounged in bed.  five.  there were warm off the stove tortillas while we shopped dripping in butter.  six.  we hung around like teenagers doing whatever it was that sounded fun.  seven.  have i mentioned that i was warm?  eight.  sunsets.  nine.  warm toes in sand.  ten. warm.

oh.  and for my friend … eleven.  bean burritos.

and then after all that we had to fly across the country on a red-eye flight … and then had to fly back to minnesota the next morning.  and then the plane doors were frozen shut.  and we died.

and then we came back to life … our chaotically beautiful full lives.  and realized what a treat it had been getting to go there together for a week.

and we managed to accomplish these beautiful images of her on the beach.

and she took my favorite photo of me … on the beach too.  (soon to be on my about me page!)







{bellamy in march} minneapolis family lifestyle photography


i have had the privilege of photographing this sweet beauty before she was her.  i remember her maternity session amidst the snowy drifts and sparkling snowfall that just perfected the images we created that day.

and now?


look at that sweet thing.  isn’t she just about the most adorable child ever?  so sweet and serious.  but full of joy and happy.  she is so loved.

i don’t get the opportunity to do many family sessions in a lifestyle type setting … but i adore them.  and always have my fingers crossed that more will stumble upon my plate of opportunities.

enjoy …


:: dalton’s birth story :: {minneapolis birth photographer}

151lowresolution DONOTPRINT


a new baby.

a new life.

an unexpected course for labor and bringing the new little one earthbound … but isn’t that the way children just are anyways?  they teach us to be on our toes and ready for anything.  they teach us that plans need to grow and evolve.  they teach us that the love that sits at the end of the journey is greater than anything you could ever have imagined.

i adore watching mamas bring a new life into their arms.  i love watching daddies get wrapped around tiny little fingers all quick like.

i remember telling this family that i fall in love with all of my birth families.  it’s a natural progression for me.  and watching this family ache over the birth they had planned and strongly step into their birth story brought me to tears.  tears falling behind the lens that was capturing the moments of tranquility.  the moments of love.  the moments of fear.

in the end … it’s a perfectly beautiful birth story.  one that will be told again and again with these beautiful images.


dalton … {a birth story}



{six.months.sweetness.} … minneapolis baby photographer

there is something really lovely about a six month old.  you meet them when they are a little tiny itty bitty baby.  and you can make assumptions about who they will be and what personality traits will shine in them as they grow … but it’s exactly that.  assumptions.

and then?

if you’re lucky … you get the opportunity to see them again … in this sweetheart’s case … at 6 months of age … and you get to see who they are.  not just guesses.  but really truly who they are.

and this … is exactly who she is.

sweet.  adorable.  loved.  cherished.  calm.  the apple of her parents’ eyes.  and absolutely enchanted by their presence and the love that they surround her with.

and my kind of favorite part of this day?  when a bunny unexpectedly jumped up to the backdoor … out of nowhere.  and stared in eyes full of wonder.  and coupled with the fact that little miss bellamy had brought along her favorite stuffed bunny?  my day was made.

thank you so much for sharing her with me!  i adore you, all four of you.  mommy.daddy.baby.puppy. :)


{fields and sunshine} … minneapolis senior photographer

meet erika.  a soon to be graduating senior that contacted me to take her senior portraits.

we started our session in the studio.  needing to get those typical photos that all moms and grandmas seem to love.  the classic.  timeless images.  that will forever adorn grandma’s desktop and wall.

and even with the loveliness of my new studio and the light that pours in through the doorway … these images were just a sprinkling of who this  girl really is.

she agreed wholeheartedly to join me on a venture into this field that i’ve been oogling over for quite some time.  and the rain fell earlier and managed to hold off for us during our session in order to capture these gorgeous images of her.