hi.  i’m jen.

(though at any given moment i might be responding to mama, mommy, MOTHER!, mrs. olson, jen-men, jujubean or lovebug…)

i’m a mommy to three amazing children.  my two beautifully sunny girls, stella and cora.  and my delicious baby boy, finn.  (he will ALWAYS be my baby).  i love sunlight.  i love windows.  i love the outdoors.  and fun.  and lilacs.  i love a good cup of coffee.  with coconut creme creamer (of course).  and chocolate (dark. not milk.)  i love color.  and baby feet.  i love sand in my toes.  i love the sounds of waves and children giggling.   and i love my fantastic husband.  who gave me the go-ahead to pursue my passion.


for a long time i’ve loved photography.  the thought of capturing images of beautiful things … and i did that.  and then i had children.  and i discovered a much deeper need for pictures.  it’s like that saying that “the most beautiful things in life … aren’t things.”

the most beautiful images?  aren’t just images.

they are moments.

tonight … i had an epiphany while laying awake in my bed writing this “about me” piece.  (i write best late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, when my house is quiet and i can think.)   and  i realized … i want to be the photographer that captures the images that show your family being your family.  those moments that are in between the actual poses and set ups.  the baby yawning.  the little boy tackling his mama.  the young girl posing so perfectly while her family is chaotically moving about.   i strive to have someone look at my photographs and say, “now this.  THIS is MY family.”


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