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alternatively titled …

dear minnesota, can we please have summer back now?  xoxo, jen

yesterday … was like springtime, essentially.  warm-ish.  rainy.  grey.  foggy.  it was an illusion of spring … grass all around with only small mounds of snow.  weather warm enough to walk outside without layers of down.  puddle jumping in waterproof boots.


snow.  cold.  get yourself under a quilt and watch movies all day sipping hot cocoa weather.

i’m not such a fan of cold and snow and yucky driving weather where the ice gets jammed under the windshield wiper … and when you turn the wipers on, a massive streak of icy-snowy-water blurs your vision and you have to sit with your neck at an odd angle so that you can see the road and cars until you can park somewhere and smack it against the windshield several times to remove the ice …


i’m in the mood for beach and warm and sunsets of color, can you tell?

all of this to tell you … i pulled this newborn session out of hiding … because outdoor? newborn? session? in minnesota?  yes.please.

079lowresolution DONOTPRINT

i don’t get to do many outdoor newborn sessions … but when i do?  swoon.  LOVE.  more please.


and if you have a baby due in the warmish months?  OR if you want to travel with a newborn to a warmish place?  OR if you live somewhere warmish and you want me to come to you?

yes, please.  i’m SO there.

speaking of which …


enjoy more of sweet little cora …



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