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friday friday friday …

or as we said in our house this morning … FRIED EGG FRIDAY!  or maybe that was just me … the kids looked at me weirdly and went back to building things with wooden blocks.


someone in this house must show some amount of excitement over the little things … spoiled babies.  when i was growing up … we only got fried eggs on sundays.

and it’s birth week!

which i’m totally continuing through the weekend … whew.  wish me luck.


this was a tough birth story for me to write about …

this mama and i met over the.most.amazing.lunch.ever.  and followed it up with THE.MOST.AMAZING.VANILLA.LATTE. in all of the land.  no joke.  (at angelina’s kitchen in woodbury) … i often struggle to find really yummy vegetarian meals at restaurants … and the choices were overwhelming … which yay!  totally made my day.

we had originally talked on the phone a bit prior … when she told me her entire birth history and stories and reasonings behind the VBAC that she was working towards.  her first birth had ended in a relatively traumatic c-section following a failure to progress.  her second baby girl was an automatic c-section due to where they were living at the time.  now … they were living in minnesota where she could try for a VBAC.  she really wanted to hire a birth photographer to capture a few images.  we discussed how that would work … and she thought she didn’t want any photos of the laboring process … just of the actual delivery wherein she got her VBAC.  after a long conversation, i helped her see that birth photography isn’t merely photos of a baby being born …

birth photography is a story.

it’s story telling at it’s finest … it shows compassion and support.  love and fear.  it tells a story of who was there on the moment you were born.  it tells the story of how hard your mama had to work to meet you.  it tells the story of you before you were in your mom and dad’s arms.  and it tells the story of how much love you had surrounding you.

it’s a story of the beauty on a day when things feel chaotic and out of control … a day when you don’t have the time or energy to see everything.  and it stops time and shows you how beautiful the day was

after meeting over lunch … i think she decided i wasn’t crazy … and decided that birth photography was definitely for them.

and then … their sweet little babe decided to make the rest of the pregnancy crazycakes.  this mom and dad worked SO HARD … they did spinning babies, they did acupuncture and chiropractic care.  we had a beautiful maternity session.


they waited and waited and worked and worked … up until the very last second.

and beyond that, too …

at 42 weeks of pregnancy … she went in for another appointment and her blood pressure was a bit higher and things started spiraling out of control.  it was finally decided that a repeat c-section was the way to proceed.

and i felt incredibly heartbroken for them.

i arrived at the hospital and took photos of the little things … hand holding.  paper signing.  phone calls and tears of sadness mixed up with the joy of knowing they were about to meet their newest love.

dad took my camera into the delivery room and he and a nurse captured those first few moments of love.

(sidenote?  some hospitals will allow a photographer in the OR, some won’t … it’s best to discuss these possibilities with your providers and with your birth photographer to decide what will happen in your case if your birth plans are altered.)

and then we captured the momeasdfnts of love and nursing … i came back in the morning for a fresh 48 session and watched as their two little girls met their newest sister.

and it’s funny … because i drove to the hospital the night before with sadness.  because {sigh} things were not going as we had all hoped and wished for.  and i left the next day with so much happy … because … a baby is a baby.  a new life is a new life.  there is joy and tenderness and love in birth … and i adore being asked to capture that on camera.

and for their birth story … enjoy …


my heart melted when mom send me this message …

“I am really more thankful for the maternity/birth/fresh 48. truly.
I’m really not just being nice.
It is really difficult to explain…
but I didn’t really feel all that pretty when I was pregnant…just huge lol
and then I saw your pictures and felt so much better…I actually saw something beautiful
and of course the birth was one big emotional roller coaster
I am writing my birth story…and I look at the images and realize that everything that I wanted I had…but I was so upset about how the journey ended that it was difficult for me to see the new journey that was beginning
I started to get it once I was in the OR and the spinal was in…then I could focus on meeting Molly…but looking back at your images I really should have caught on to that sooner
I deeply longed for Rob and I to experience this birth thing together…his support and assurance through something tough…this natural childbirth thing
then I saw your pictures and realized that we did work through something tough together…and he was by my side the ENTIRE time supporting me…cheering me on…even though it wasn’t the natural birth we had envisioned
Jen…that is priceless…
that is a gift that nobody else could have given me…truly
I am now the biggest advocate of birth photography out there!!!”

LOVE that.  because she summed up what is so exactly true … not just the actual birth … BUT … that the path that your birth story takes is one of beauty.  yes.  the outcome is beautiful and cute and has amazing little toes … BUT … the path that leads you to that … is so awesome to capture and to hold in your hands afterwards.

i love that she sees the beauty in her birth now.

and for the giveaways!

copy and paste copy and paste … do you have this script memorized yet?  and again …  to re-explain ::birth week:: to all of our new friends!  (PLUS A NEW GIVEAWAY!)

it’s funny how things tumble into place amongst friends. i’m so very lucky to be able to count megan (megan crown photography) and brooke (peace love babies) as my friends.  they are some of the fellow birth photographers locally that i have grown to love and appreciate in this crazy world of birth photography.  it’s incredibly wonderful to have people that understand what being on call is like and who appreciate late night texts of waters breaking and making plans that often are dependent upon moms in labor.  and they make me laugh and giggle uncontrollably.

so … when we were given the opportunity to photograph an upcoming event that is coming to minneapolis … the birth without fear meet up … we all jumped at the chance!  and through crazy late night discussions …  we decided that we should celebrate with a giveaway!  or two.  or three …  :)

(ok.  to make it fair … megan came up with the fabulous idea and brooke and i just thought it was awesome.  but i like to think that we come up with some original ideas that are awesome too.  maybe?)

each of us are giving away two single tickets to the BWF meet up in minneapolis (amongst a few other surprises) … AND we would love to have you enter by following us along on this :: birth week :: adventure!

our :: birth week :: will be filled to the brim with birth stories and photographs celebrating the beautiful births that we have captured on camera!

you can gain additional entries for the giveaways by heading to the blogs this week and following the directions to enter!

and for the links?

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AND … also? the BIRTH WITHOUT FEAR giveaway!

{insert drum roll here}

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and today’s giveaway!  a set of reusable baby wipes from efrog!  (her newest product … coming soon!)  you should also totally check out her skirts.  my girls wear them … all.the.time.  (and so do i!) a Rafflecopter giveaway


see you all tomorrow for more of :: birth week! ::


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