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:: birth week :: golden light peace filled waterbirth at home


yay for day two of :: birth week ::!!  whoop whoop.

i promise to not compare birth week to shark week in this post.

but it’s seriously all my mind races to when i think the words birth & week together.  a bit ridiculous considering i’ve never even seen shark week (full disclosure:  we haven’t had television in YEARS.)


let’s talk birth instead, huh?

i love how this mama found me and we connected immediately … and then found out she was birthing at home and she is literally just down the street from me.  we had a gorgeous maternity session by a lake and i got to know her family … which was so awesome.  i love having maternity sessions with my mamas prior to their birth … they get used to me and my clicking and i get to know their personalities even more.  plus?  i love maternity sessions … they are my “photographer by regret” … i never had them while pregnant (unless you count the photo my husband took of me in striped pants feeling … and it’s the photos that my kiddos wish to see.  they love the idea of seeing themselves before they were … at a moment when they were inside me and i was eagerly anticipating every single second of their existence.


and on a late summer night, i received a call to come over … labor had definitely started … and i was the first to get there.  🙂  i LOVE living that close to a client!  i watched as they quietly labored into the night … surrounded by their home and attentive midwives.  i stood back and observed as a very strong mama pushed her baby into the world … excited to see her girl for the very first time.  she fell in love with her immediately … and daddy quickly was wrapped around her tiny little finger.  161highresolution

want to see the beauty of their daughter’s birth?  head onto their slideshow … enjoy, friends.


does this sound familiar?  (reposted from yesterday to re-explain ::birth week:: to all of our new friends!

it’s funny how things tumble into place amongst friends. i’m so very lucky to be able to count megan (megan crown photography) and brooke (peace love babies) as my friends.  they are some of the fellow birth photographers locally that i have grown to love and appreciate in this crazy world of birth photography.  it’s incredibly wonderful to have people that understand what being on call is like and who appreciate late night texts of waters breaking and making plans that often are dependent upon moms in labor.  and they make me laugh and giggle uncontrollably.

so … when we were given the opportunity to photograph an upcoming event that is coming to minneapolis … the birth without fear meet up … we all jumped at the chance!  and through crazy late night discussions …  we decided that we should celebrate with a giveaway!  or two.  or three …  🙂

(ok.  to make it fair … megan came up with the fabulous idea and brooke and i just thought it was awesome.  but i like to think that we come up with some original ideas that are awesome too.  maybe?)

each of us are giving away two single tickets to the BWF meet up in minneapolis (amongst a few other surprises) … AND we would love to have you enter by following us along on this :: birth week :: adventure!

our :: birth week :: will be filled to the brim with birth stories and photographs celebrating the beautiful births that we have captured on camera!

you can gain additional entries for the giveaways by heading to the blogs this week and following the directions to enter!

and for the links?

MEGAN CROWN PHOTOGRAPHY:  see more of her work HERE

and for her today’s post?  go HERE.

PEACE LOVE BABIES:  see more of her work HERE

and for her today’s post?  go HERE.


AND … also? the giveaway!

{insert drum roll here}

a jennifer liv photography BIRTH WITOUT FEAR giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

see you all tomorrow for more of :: birth week! ::

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