:: birth week :: a beautiful sunlit birth center waterbirth story … that just happens to be a vbac.

:: birth week ::

(kinda like shark week … with less sharks and more birth.  so if you’re here for sharks … you best move along.)

it’s funny how things tumble into place amongst friends. i’m so very lucky to be able to count megan (megan crown photography) and brooke (peace love babies) as my friends.  they are some of the fellow birth photographers locally that i have grown to love and appreciate in this crazy world of birth photography.  it’s incredibly wonderful to have people that understand what being on call is like and who appreciate late night texts of waters breaking and making plans that often are dependent upon moms in labor.  and they make me laugh and giggle uncontrollably.

so … when we were given the opportunity to photograph an upcoming event that is coming to minneapolis … the birth without fear meet up … we all jumped at the chance!  and through crazy late night discussions …  we decided that we should celebrate with a giveaway!  or two.  or three …  :)

(ok.  to make it fair … megan came up with the fabulous idea and brooke and i just thought it was awesome.  but i like to think that we come up with some original ideas that are awesome too.  maybe?)

each of us are giving away two single tickets to the BWF meet up in minneapolis (amongst a few other surprises) … AND we would love to have you enter by following us along on this :: birth week :: adventure!

our :: birth week :: will be filled to the brim with birth stories and photographs celebrating the beautiful births that we have captured on camera!

you can gain additional entries for the giveaways by heading to the blogs this week and following the directions to enter!

the links will be posted at the end of this post …

today’s birth story was a recent gorgeously sunlit birth at health foundations in st paul, mn with an amazingly strong mama and her loving support team.

enjoy the video!

and just a few more things? i really wanted to feature a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) story today … because something important is occurring very near to us right now that is highly impacting many mamas that are looking to have a VBAC.

a local hospital that has been at the forefront of allowing women a chance to have a birth as they wished has decided to ban VBACs altogether.  their current reasoning is one surrounding the costs.  and although i understand that from a business perspective … it breaks my heart knowing that many women that have long dreamed of making their own choices surrounding their birth will now be unable to do so.  and in turn … many women that were planning a birth at that location are all of a sudden left in limbo.

what can you do?

you can sign the petition urging Hudson Hospital to stop banning VBACs HERE … it’s truly important.  for many many reasons.

AND … also? the giveaway!

{insert drum roll here}

a jennifer liv photography BIRTH WITOUT FEAR giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

also … check out my friends for more opportunities to win tickets!

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see you all tomorrow for more of :: birth week! ::


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maggie - These photos are incredible. What a privilege to witness this miracle, over and over again.

Brittney Colburn - Beautiful ❤️

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Jolaine - So beautiful…we are looking at HF for our next birth in November.

Lauren Robbins - Beautiful birth!

Cassie Maxwell - These are truly beautiful and my heart was on overload for this family! Birth is something so amazing! Congratulations to this beautiful family!

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